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Sabha Old building 1

With the inception of Vivekananda Tamil School in 1914, the Sabha became the place where students, teachers and parents created the cultural atmosphere as co- curricular activities. Initially Navarathiri (The three Goddesses Festival) which lasted over 9 days was celebrated with singing of classical songs, dance performances, poojas and “prasatham” (food offering to the Goddess) which would be distributed to attendees of the prayers. Over the years it has become the much awaited and celebrated yearly function. It has been celebrated for the past 96 years without fail.


In the 1960s and 1970s, the old students of the Sabha, who were very active members, were responsible for organising the Navarathiri celebrations with songs and dance performances in devotion to the Goddesses. Any member of the Ashrama and the Sabha could choose any one of the 9 days to partake in the celebrations. Some members of the Sabha have chosen a particular day, within the 9 days, to partake in the celebrations of the Navarathri Pooja for more than 40 years. In recent years the Sabha has been able to bring othuvar Kalamamani Thiruthani Swaminathan as well as a priest to conduct the Navarathiri Celebrations.

Navarathiri Celebrations Over the Years

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