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The Ashrama has always encouraged the performing arts as an extension to education. The Ashrama believes that children should be given every opportunity to learn one of the performing arts as it develops discipline in every child and it enables the child to have another extracurricular activity and skill.


In 1923, The Sangeetha Abivirithi Sabha was established and was later "adopted" as its sister organisation with the responsibility of being in charge of the cultural activities. 





The Sangeetha Abivirithi Sabha, affectionately known as the Sabha has the Deity of Fine Arts, Goddess Saraswati, as its Divine patron. By any yardstick the Sabha is indeed a unique institution that has helped to fill a void stretching not only across time but also distance. For Malaysians of Tamil-speaking lineage, did not have to trek thousand of miles to listen to good Indian carnatic music and dance. The Sabha changed all that for Malaysians of Tamil origin, bringing the arts here, to the very centre of Kuala Lumpur. Thanks to a very dedicated and action-oriented group of devoted music lovers (among them being famous names in the community like Sinnathurai, M.S.Vadivel Pillai, T.R. Subrahmanya lyer, N. Ramaswamy, V. Saravanamuthu and M. Kandiah) who gave life to this unique institution.


With 61 members and 38 male students-members, the Sabha was located in the building still to be found in Brickfields .





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