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Hall Rental

Rental Guidelines and Rates






1. The following rates are applicable for : 
2. Payment Terms : -


a)     Deposit of RM1,500 is to be paid to book the hall and Rental Agreement should be signed. The                              Management reserves the right to deduct from deposit the cost of damages as determined by the                        Management for damages to properties. If the cost exceeds RM1,500, the person signing the Rental                      Agreement  is responsible to pay the additional amount.

b)    Deposit refund, net of cost of damages, if any, will be refunded in the month immediately following the                  month of function.

c)    All rental payments to be settled in full one (1) month before the function date. Failing to comply may risk             cancellation of booking.


d)   Cheques are to be made payable to "The Vivekananda Ashrama Kuala Lumpur".


e)   Post-dated cheques are not acceptable.


f)   For cancellation of bookings made 2 months before function date, the deposit will be refunded after                     deducting RM500 as "Administration Fees". Deposit of RM1,000 will be forfeited for cancellations within two       months of functions.

3.  Sound system and stage lighting facilities


     Sound system and stage lighting facilities include 14 microphones (maximum). These will be managed  

     centrally by our technician. To use stage screen, customers are required to make own arrange for

     projector. The hall rental does not come emcee.


    Those opting to use the sound system and stage lighting facilities, should contact our technician in advance         to confirm requirements.

4. Food and Beverage :  -

 a) Liquor (including beer, champagne and wine) is not allowed to be brought in or consumed in the hall and             within school compound. Smoking is not allowed within the school compound. A breach of this will result in         forfeiture of deposit.

5. Other Matters : -

a)  Party poppers and confetti are not allowed inside the hall.

b)  Access to hall for decorations will be granted 6 hours before functions.

c)  Please ensure that the decorations do not cause damage to the fixtures in the hall and must be removed and       cleaned after the function.

d)  No nails, hooks, staples, screws are to be used in the hall, especially on the stage, curtains, walls and ceiling.

e) Please ensure that your food caterer removes all rubbish.


6.   General : -

a)   You are encouraged to view the Hall prior to booking to assess the suitability of hall for your event/function.

b)  For other conditions, please also read the "Rental Agreement" which takes precedent.

c)  Covid-19 / RMCO – Compliance with Government Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). All persons                   booking the Hall will have to strictly comply with Government SOP for social and religious events.

     The Ashrama will not be responsible for any changes and cancellation of events due to conditions imposed           by the Authorities, in general or specific to our facilities.

 Issued : 1st November 2022

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