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The Sabha’s first teacher was then the famous Vidwan S Ghousemian Sahib, a devout practitioner of carnatic music. Under his able leadership, in 1925 the Sabha organised its classes in its own premises and moved to a wooden building within the premises of the Ashrama. The period between 1925 -1941 was indeed a period of growth - slow, but steady on an increasingly brighter note. The "muses" were fully taken care of, whether it was music, literature or drama. The music classes were the most famous indeed with the line of stalwarts (Violin Vidwan Ponnuswamy lyengar, Flute Vidwan Salem K. Nadesa Pillai, vocalists Harihara lyer, Ramalingan lyer, Radhakrishna Pillai and many others) adorning the seats of the faculty and equally brilliant were the student rolls with many of them todays leading artists.


External examiners were invited for judging the standard of diploma level students of the Sabha’s educational programme for the coveted title of Sangeetha Bhushanam. This was awarded by merit for a 3-year diploma level study which follows 3 earlier years of theory and practical training.

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